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Karen Lemons

Karen Lemons

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01/24/13 07:50 PM #1    

Mary Fletcher (Owens)

Karen was my best friend in Jr high and we were sort of neighbors. She lived on Karen Lane! She took her life at 15 or 16 years of age. I dont think she meant to...she was just angry at her parents. Watch your teens! You may never see them again.  mo 

02/20/16 02:17 PM #2    

Valerie Ellis (Overstreet)

I remember that dark day, Mary Fletcher Owens.  We sat next to each other in Physical Science and I couldn't go to school the day I found out,  She was a funny and wonderful person.  I have never forgotten her or thatday and thank you for telling us what happened.

02/20/16 03:08 PM #3    

Roxanne Gilley

OMG I remember Karen. What a sweet person. May they all R.I.P.

09/21/16 07:28 PM #4    

Laura Bell

I will always remember Karen as well. She sat behind me in science & we used to always chat...& talk about how cute Mr. Kramer was(I think that was his name)! That was the year she died. Valerie, was that Physical Science? Karen was such a sweet & wonderful person. She just wanted her parents to stop fighting. She took a bunch of a aspirin - I too don't believe she really wanted to die. The world was robbed of such a kind soul.
I hope you all are doing well. LB

09/22/16 10:47 PM #5    

Valerie Ellis (Overstreet)

That was the class, but as I think of it, it might have been biology.  It was definitely Mr, Kramer, Laura, and he was cute.  Once, he asked Frances Noble (also now deceased) and me to clean his house for $25.  I'm sure it was against the rules and our parents' rules as well, but we did it.  I remember that class and you also.

I never knew the reason Karen tried and succeeded in taking her life.  I'm so sorry her parents fought.  Did they stay married?  How horrible it all must have been for all. Hope all is well with you, Laura.




09/25/16 07:41 AM #6    

Laura Bell

Valerie - that's funny, because I thought it was biology as well...almost said that in my other comment. So I guess maybe it was. Wow I can't believe you & Frances cleaned his house!!! Such Scandal!!! Lol - just kidding!
I always remember that class because of Karen...but also because Mr. Kramer looked Just Like my brother's best friend & roommate at UT! And I used to discuss it with Karen(& Mr. K. - who probably thought I was crazy!).
BTW, I don't know what happened to her parents after she passed away.
Be Well. LB

09/26/16 12:15 PM #7    

Mary Fletcher (Owens)

Karen took almost a whole bottle of her dad's darvon. 

09/28/16 08:27 PM #8    

Laura Bell

Thanks, Mary! You know, all of these years I have questioned the asprin thing. I thought surely someone could have survived that, or at least puked enough of it up to make it.
The Darvon puts it all into perspective now! Back then lots of adults took Darvon(not Darvocette), my mom included. She was hooked on the stuff - & depending on strength (hers was the strongest) yes, it could Easily kill you if you took a handful. How Sad! :(
I'll never forget her, or our class - & i guess that's good...Remember the Happy Times.
Best to you all.

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