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11/20/20 08:47 AM #13    


Les Romo

Praying for Bob Kirk and family.  May God be with them during this very difficult time. - Les Romo

11/20/20 04:38 PM #14    


Roxanne Gilley

Definitely lighting a candle..praying for Bob and family.

Roxanne and family

11/22/20 11:25 AM #15    


Betsy Wilson (Killingsworth)

Dear Bobby, I will miss your smile, your laughter, your craziness! RIP my sweet sweet friend. Know you are loved. 



11/25/20 10:23 AM #16    


John Temperilli

As I approach the final chapters of a fortunate life lived, and the silhouette of fate's final accounting is seen less dimly, I am reminded of how grateful I am for the people I have been fortunate enough to encounter.  Bob Kirk was one such eternal individual. While I did not know Bob well, I appreciated his laconic humor, subtle mayhem and fixed lack of seriousness in which he engaged in Mrs. Atchley's senior English class.  His was a constant subtle barrage of his own observations made public.  His flying encounter with Delaney Wells in the auditorium (during a film study) was one of the most spectacular Kirkisms at which I was privileged to be present.  I believe the world is a far less interesting place without Bob.  Rest In Peace.  

Thank you Jim Huber and Cassie Grim for making us aware.  Thank you Danny Armstrong for being the keeper of the memories and notifier-in-chief.  Godspeed, good will and grace to all my classmates.  I hope this message finds you all well, COVID-free, and in the throes of a happy and mindful Thanksgiving week. 


John Temperilli




11/26/20 07:23 AM #17    


Paul Holland

Thanks John for your beautiful words of our friend & classmate, Bob.   I witnessed Bob's antics in Mrs Atchley's English class and I can attest he brought comic relief to the stereotypical senior English class.  In fact, thinking back on our English class, the only 2 characters that come to my mind are Mrs Atchley & Bob Kirk.  I'm glad to learn you were there too!  I am willing to bet if Mrs Atchley were alive today, she would crack a smile & give a chuckle if the name, "Bob Kirk" were mentioned in her presence.

I missed out on the incident in the auditorium between Bob & Delaney.   I'd love to hear the story as I'm sure others would as well.   Sadly, neither of the main actors are with us today.


RIP, Bob.

11/26/20 11:48 AM #18    


Camille Pety (Pety)

Bob, BOB!! You can't do this to us, we always thought you would be the eternal comic relief we all need and no more so than now. Deepest sympathy to his family but know that he was loved.

11/26/20 01:46 PM #19    

Robyn Coblentz

Will never forget both Bob and Charlie in Lilis's class. During the yrs I would run into Bob at different places of employment and would have a great time at the bar. RIP

11/29/20 12:40 PM #20    


Roxanne Gilley

Re Bob

Our fellow classmate Bob was such a character!  His memory will always live in our Hearts (...the Heart like the mind has a memory - Longfellow).

Condolences from Roxanne and family.

God Bless Bob, may he Rest In Peace

10/07/21 11:29 AM #21    

Sheryl Harris (Sharawi)

10/08/21 04:04 PM #22    

Cheri Bell (Pendergraft)

Tommy Benson, it will be a glorious reunion in heaven! 💕

02/23/22 12:18 PM #23    


Stephen Leas

I just heard about Tommy's passing. He was such a wonderful spirit and a great friend. I had a chance to run around with him at Mac. When ever he came to my house he would talk for hours with my Dad (who went to Marquette on a track scholarship) about running.  We went to many kicker dances in Quihi at the VFW. Lost touch after I joined the Navy. I know that he is in the best place and I will strive to meet him there one day. God Bless his family and friends. Steve

02/24/22 07:35 PM #24    

Dennis Harding

Well,joined up the other month looking for a person,could not belive all the Bramhas Tried and True, Class of 72. Brought back years of memory. I was able to hang with Mister Howdy and a few others, Jim Huber, Tom Howe, Keith Grassam, Bob and I were able to see other Bramhas, when allowed not to come around for awhile.
I was so miffed reading all the fallen class of 72ers, so many souls with memories. May grandma Mimi use to say if we lived for ever, we would look like shite. Thankful I am not circling the drain, see you latter to all that got ahead on the ladder to higher viewing. I remember many I never knew, but glad I do. Saying hi to all here and there,eat your vegetables wear glasses if you need to, feed your dog, don,t be mean to kids.
Love you Mr, Howdy, see you latter. Dennis '72

10/20/22 06:18 PM #25    

Paul Suhler

I heard from Randy Alles this week. He's travelliing on business and won't be able to make it to the reunion.

12/08/22 09:40 PM #26    


Nancy Clendenning (McCowan)

I hope I have the correct forum/page for this request. 
Does anyone have an extra 1972 yearbook? Perhaps someone that married a '72 classmate and each of you got a yearbook? I didn't get one and would very much like to have one. TIA. Nancy

12/09/22 06:45 PM #27    

Dennis Harding

Danny, could you gound this young lady Nancy a year book.I have one at my parents house in HP,both have passed but my son can go by and look, I have not been in area for quite some time. I have memorized year bool so am willing to pass it to Nancy.
Never knew her, but that is not what it is all about.

12/12/22 06:18 PM #28    

Daniel Armstrong

Sorry I only have one annual and I took it apaer to build the Website

12/13/22 12:33 PM #29    

Christine Richardson (DeVos)

Hello everyone who attended the reunion!  First off, it was great to see everybody!  And by any chance did anyone find a silver oval hoop earring at the event at Bracken Store on Friday?!  Thanks,  Chris Richardson DeVos

12/13/22 06:00 PM #30    

Dennis Harding

Could you in you large generous giving heart, give one of your gold oval loop earings so Christine has a complete pair. Men only need a single now a days. Thanks for all you do and have done for this page and the whole Mac 72 crowd. It has given all a good reason to kick me in the ass when they see me.
Ciao compadres

05/06/23 10:04 AM #31    

Paul Suhler

Hi, everybody.

I've been trying to track down a story that Mrs. Peak had flown military planes during WW II, possibly as a member of the WAAF. Does anyone know about her early life? Has anyone been in touch with her family?



05/07/23 08:21 AM #32    


Paul Holland

Paul --

I never had Mrs Peak but if you have access to some of the other Mac websites from prior to our year, you might try to ask those schoolmates too. I realize that some, if not all the Mac websites are restricted to only those who register.   

I asked my sister - class of '67 - but she didnt know any history of Mrs Peak.  


Maybe Danny Armstrong or Butch Gerfers can offer some suggestions?

Good luck.


05/07/23 11:16 AM #33    

Charles Volz (Class Of '73)

Mrs. Peak's son Howard Peak was on San Antonio City Council in the 1980's. He had a 
"City Planning" degree of some sort and worked for real esate developer owned by TETCO back then. I believe that was her only child, but not possitive. You should be able to locate him if he is still around.

05/07/23 11:31 AM #34    

Court Thieleman (Class Of '69)

This link should take you to a wiki article on Howard Peak, who is a former Mayor of SA.

05/08/23 09:02 AM #35    

Paul Suhler

Thanks very much! I had stumbled across a genealogy site that says she also had two daughters. And that she passed away in 1992 at age 70.



07/25/23 12:00 PM #36    


Margaret Ashman (Shannon)

A few memories from Elizabeth (Johnson) Smith and Molly (Ashman) Shannon - Beth had the photos! We were across the street neighbors and friends for life!  

04/29/24 12:12 PM #37    


Roxanne Gilley

Hello to all!

Hoping everyone is well.

Does anyone from our class do Deed transfers?  Toying with  "Lady Bird Deed or Enhanced Life Estate Deed".  Was going to contact a Title company but thought I would check with you guys first.




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