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Frances Noble

Frances Noble

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02/19/16 11:02 AM #5    

David Parra

I remember Frances and I riding our bikes home from Northwood Elementary. She is in a better place now. Dave

02/19/16 12:53 PM #6    

Valerie Ellis (Overstreet)

Hi everybody.  Frances died in the summer of 1994.  She was 41.  I don't know the exact cause of death as we moved and she lived in the valley.  We kept in touch though.  Not as often as we should have.  She was absolutely hilarious.  We spent so much time together it's hard to believe she is gone.  Yes, Claudia, our high school years do inform so much of our lives.  Of course I remember all of you who have so kindly asked about Frances.  Claudia and I shared home room.  Who could forget that?  We shared Bairns and Lassies, Debbie and Judy, if I remember correctly.  Claudia, were you there too?  And David, last time I saw you was in the HEB on Nacogdoches a few years back. Elementary school all the way through high school so we go way back and you and Frances really did.



02/19/16 02:19 PM #7    

Dorothy Harris (Allyn)

I totally remember Frances' wit--she cracked me up constantly.  And I only heard about 1/2 of her jokes--because she made hilarious side comments all the time.  Didn't know she passed.  I will remember her.

02/20/16 02:05 AM #8    

Roxanne Gilley

Wow, what an impact. The years are really catching up to us guys. Take care, be well. 

02/20/16 02:08 PM #9    

Valerie Ellis (Overstreet)

Yes, Dorothy, you have her pegged.  We laughed constantly.  She was tremendously quick witted..  Roxanne, time really does go by so quickly.  I know we are all trying to make it meaningful daily since we realize how fast it goes.

02/20/16 07:27 PM #10    

Gaylon George

I didn't really know Frances, but I recognize her.  It's very nice to see so many of you who knew her bring perspective to the rest of us.  I appreciate the comments.  It's just nice to see so many people participating.  The years do go by and it makes me want to have more contact with the rest of you.  Thanks for speaking up.

02/20/16 10:25 PM #11    

Cheri Bell (Pendergraft)

I remember Frances too, though I did not know her very well. So sad to hear just now of her passing after so many years. You all have given a nice tribute to her memory. May she rest in peace and hopefully we will all meet again in Heaven!

02/21/16 12:38 PM #12    

Carol Fairchild (Davis)

Frances was lovely and had such a great wit. I'm sorry for her family and friends. God bless everyone that holds her in their hearts. Carol



02/21/16 03:56 PM #13    

Claudia Erving (Teinert)

Valerie, yes, I was in Bairns. My memory of it is being so dad-gummed hot the first summer when Ms. Tankersly drilled us on how to use the flashcards out at the stadium, that after a year, I dropped out. I am afraid that sucked the school spirit right out of me for a while. And I clearly remember the years of our homeroom. All the "E's" together forever. I hope you are well. Claudia

02/22/16 11:16 AM #14    

Valerie Ellis (Overstreet)

Carol, you are right and thank you for all of us who knew Frances.

Claudia, it was hot and I had ths school spirit sucked out of me too.  Those flash cards!  I had almost forgotten them.  I was in Lassies for a year and then dropped out.  It was not for me.  I remember you in plays and you sang with a beautiful voice if my memory serves.  It's iffy these days.

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