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Marcus Cady

Marcus Cady

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06/30/13 08:41 PM #1    

Karen Petersen

Marcus died tragically of a drug overdose, he was addicted to heroin.  I seem to recall that his body had been "dumped" outside an emergency room in the middle of the night- obviously by a friend or group of so-called friends that didn't want any involvement.  Our fathers worked together- it was such a tragedy, his family had been through so much trying to get him help.  They were very loving people who's lives were changed forever.  RIP Marcus.

07/01/13 03:37 AM #2    

Roxanne Gilley

I remember him, had no idea about his addiction. He was such a wondeful person. Sad to hear about his death. It was my understanding that it was due to an accident of some sort. May he RIP.



03/11/15 05:47 AM #3    

Laura Bell

i knew Marc really well in school...i was gone by the time his addiction took place.
i wa
s so sad...what a tragic waste!!!
i recall one evening when Marc, Chuck Pautz, James Hetherington & i went to "The Preserves" to "hunt" armadillos! lol All three guys showed up at my house (to pick me up) wearing hats like you'd wear in the jungle on a safari or something - carrying these huge butterfly nets and big flashlights! It was hilarious
! My mother thought we were nuts! Hahaha. Marc drove.
Anyway, we actually did catch a baby armadillo, but as we were trying to put it in the trunk, it flew out of the back & ran away! Poor Thing!!!
i'm sure it was totally not allowed, but we weren't really serious, we were just silly teenagers having crazy teenager fun!!! Music cranked up as loud as possible, of course.
i have always remembered that story, and i thought it'd be nice to say something light-hearted about Marc. He was a nice guy.
RIP my friend.


03/12/15 02:16 PM #4    

James Hetherington

I am sorry to see that Marc is no longer with us. I just read the story that Laura put on line, it made me reminder some of the crazy times we had, and that we lived through them. Marc's physicial body is gone, but as long as we can reminder him, his spirit is still alive.

Rest is peace


03/13/15 12:28 PM #5    

Charles Pautz

Marc's death was very tragic. He died of a heroin overdose in February 1975 , shortly before his 21st birthday. We were lifelong friends thru high school, but I fell somewhat out of touch with him when I went away to college. I had heard rumors that he was dealing, but didn't realize just how deep he was into it until I got the call from my mom that he had died. His body was found in his car parked outside of The Northeast Baptist Hospital under suspicious circumstances. A lot of rumors circulated that he had been murdered, but none were ever substantiated. I miss Marc , and to this day I still think about him and wonder how his life might have unfolded.

03/14/15 07:37 PM #6    

Laura Bell

Thanks Guys for writing - i was wondering if anyone would even see what i wrote! It was great to know that you're okay too, Chuck. i see James on Facebook, but i've been wondering how you were for many years. i'm glad to see you're around!!! Do y'all remember the armadillo hunt? Whenever i think of Marc, i always remember that little "adventure" we all took...actually i can think of a number of "adventures"!!! : )
Strange how life goes, with all its twists & turns...i too, wonder how things would be for Marc if he were still around. He was indeed, a great guy. It's so sad he couldn't climb out of that hell-hole. i miss him as well.
Anyway everyone, Be Well.



06/17/16 09:09 AM #7    

Lee (Sonny) Corbin

As I remember, he was murdered and found in the trunk of his car, drug related.



06/18/16 02:58 AM #8    

Roxanne Gilley

Really sad to hear about Marcus. I will always remember him as a cute freckled face guy.Super kind, Did not know he had become involved with drugs. We were in different classes and had lost touch. May he RIP. 

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