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Thomas Benson

Thomas Benson

Tommy passed away early Sunday morning, September 26, 2021

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09/27/21 01:37 PM #1    

Cheri Bell (Pendergraft)

Tom was a great friend. Such a sad loss. Our family sends our deepest sympathy and our prayers to Tom's family. 

09/28/21 09:04 AM #2    

Larry Goland

I am so sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  I saw Tom at many car shows, and we always had lots of great converstions about cars and MacArthur.  He will be greatly missed.  Larry Goland.  

09/28/21 10:22 PM #3    

Robyn Coblentz

My condolences to his family. I saw him for the first time since school and he still looked the same. Had a great time talking to him 

09/30/21 12:46 AM #4    

John Temperilli

Godspeed Tommy Benson. Your intrepid and joyful spirit is still upon us in the memories you left with us all. Tommy (Wee-hoo) Benson, thank you for the many laughs and good times had when you and Chris (Abbo) would come up to A&M from Blinn. Running, racing, laughing, telling stories with all of the MacArthur Aggies that were there.  You will be missed brother. I wish I had known you much better in our later lives.   I appreciate that my wife was able to meet you at triathalons where you were race director or staff.  Your life light was shared gracefully with us all.  Great peace be yours Tommy, in the mansions of the Lord. 


09/30/21 11:48 AM #5    

Mark Waldrep


Tom was a gentleman. While we were not close friends I always respected him. A large group of us went to elementary, junior high and high school together. I pray for the peace of The Lord to be with family. 



09/30/21 01:48 PM #6    

James Barrow

Tommy (WeeHoo) Benson wasn't a good friend, he was a great friend.  He wasn't a good guy, he was a great guy.  I met Tommy early in my junior year at MacArthur and we ran together ever since.  He was a groomsman in my wedding 42 years ago.  On July 10 of this year, I had the joy of watching Tommy get baptized which proves that God never stops persuing any of us.  From his passing this past Sunday through eternity, Tommy will be sitting beside Jesus telling Him stories that include all of us, his friends.  Save a place for us, Tommy!  Untill we meet again in God's glory.  Adios.

09/30/21 02:32 PM #7    

Gaylon George

I am so sorry to hear of Tom's passing. I didn't get to see him after high school, but always appreciated his humor. My sincere condolenscences to his family. 

10/01/21 11:23 AM #8    

Les Romo

I have been intending to write something about Tom, but it has hurt too much. Tom was my longest best friend.  We met in 7th grade at Garner. We ran track together, but of course he always blew past me. Like Forest Gump, Tom could "run like the wind blows."   I never had his dedication and drive, nor his speed.  We went to Mac togther and had many fun escapades. We also went to law school together, and have kept in touch ever since.  Here is a photo of Tom who came to wish Sue Lynn and me a fond farewell when we left to move to Anchorage, Alaska in 1979. Here is a photo of Tom and me when we went to the coast to go fishing several years ago and a photo of when he came to wish me a happy birthday a couple of years ago.

My heart is torn open.  Tom and I always called ourselves brothers from different mothers.  Tom was one of my brothers, and I loved him like a brother. It hurt so bad to see him suffereing the last several months when he was fighting cancer.  Tom always had amazing courage. About a month before he passed, I went to see  him and he was on his last legs.  Our friend Sheryl told me that it was OK for me to let him know that it was alright for him to let go; that he did not have to fight for us; that he could release the pain and go to Heaven.  He was very fragile and could not sit up, but when I told him this, he became agitated, sat up an grabbed  my arm and looked me in the eye.  He said "No??"  "I have to fight, for you, for all of you, for my sons."   Broke my heart, but what courage he showed; just like always. 

I know Tom is in Heaven.  Several months before he passed away, he arranged to get baptized, full emersion even though he could not use his legs.  But, he wanted to do full emersion and with the help of the pastor and another person he was baptized like he wanted.  The only positive thing I can think of about his passing is that he is no longer in pain.  God bless and love you Bro.  Hope to see you again when it is my turn. 

10/02/21 11:45 AM #9    

Mark Waldrep

The comments about Tom Benson give testimony to true love and friendship. His surrender to Christ shouts of eternal victory. Hallelujah!

10/10/23 02:37 PM #10    

Mary Fletcher (Owens)

Miss you Tom! so very much. broken heart


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